Why would Ben Gvir’s militia be more similar? Revolutionary Guards or KGB?

Why would Ben Gvir’s militia be more similar?  Revolutionary Guards or KGB?

The nightmare is over, for now. Roman Zdorov is acquitted, due to doubt, of the charge of murdering Tair Rada. I’m already tired of hearing from the court that this is an omission by the attorney’s office and the Israel Police. State Attorney Amit Isman could have prevented the humiliation experienced by the prosecution in the District Court in Nazareth. When Judge Hanan Meltzer ruled on a retrial for Zadorov, Attorney Isman had all the evidence and the defense’s arguments on his desk. He could have made a decision like the two judges in the districts of Nazareth. A state attorney can identify omissions by the prosecution, that’s his job.

Ben Gvir on Biden’s words: “Israel is not another star on the US flag”
The police will give a gift to Laban Gabir for the establishment of the National Guard

So now the state may appeal to protect the honor of the prosecutor’s office. Who will protect the honor of Dr. Chen Kugel and Dr. Maya Furman, pathology experts who found essential contradictions at the scene of the murder? They were and will be enemies of the system, only because they did not cooperate with it.

This acquittal, as well as other trials in which the late Amos Burns, who was convicted and acquitted of the murder of the late Rachel Heller, and Suleiman El-Abid, who was released after being convicted of the murder of the late Hanit Kikos, leave an open question. Who murdered the victims, if not these Who were accused? We may or may not know. The reality has changed, now the minister decides what will be investigated and what will not.

At the same time, they continue with the nonsense in the president’s residence, in order to reach agreements on the coup d’état of the Goelizia. It is impossible to reach agreements, unfortunately. Then the protest will calm down a bit for an as yet unknown period of time. In the current situation, only a war in the south and north can unite the public for a short period. There are too many among us who are interested in war, including the decision-making ranks. The price has never interested The zero collections from 1973 to the present. After all, about 50,000 babies are born here a year, 40,000 Jews, there will always be 15,000 of them who will be forced to enlist, to cause marginal damage to the government, to any government.

The quick use of the opposition representatives in the Darak Lake, in protest against the coup d’état, disgusts me. They are already discussing a compromise, after a few speeches about nothing in the streets. For 12 weeks they have created a public protest with their presence, now they are free for compromises that will perpetuate them in the Darek Lake.

The cynicism of Gantz, Lapid and Michali screams with every drop of blood and sweat of the demonstrators. These don’t have strategic backers and popularity polls. Suddenly Gantz became a governing option, because they forgot here that Bibi treated him like a rag, when Gantz gave him government, as a gift, in complete opposition to the will of the voters. Those who cheated once and were forgiven have already gotten used to being forgiven again on the grounds that there is no choice. But there is. New leadership is needed for the seculars. Those who lead the secularists now, have rotted in the reality of the Lake of the Devil.

Next week, the Goelitia will approve the establishment of a new militia, under the command of Itamar Ben Gabir and Hanmal Dorfman, representatives of the youth of the hills in the government. It is not yet known what the characteristics of the militia will be. Will it be a clone of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, the KGB in Russia and the Stasi in East Germany, or the Wagner force operating in Ukraine?

How is it supposed to work with the Israel Police? How do you let citizens who have no security knowledge manage such a huge force? Who will be the politrock of the founding event, the 7th child? Who assures the citizens who are RLB, that their lives will not turn into hell? Certainly not the existing collection of zeros, from whom nothing can be expected, when it comes to human dignity and freedom, individual freedom, minority rights for protection, LGBT rights, women’s rights against domestic violence.

I’m interested in how many members of the La Familia organization – an organization that district judge Zion Kapah has determined is a terrorist organization – will get senior positions in the militia. After all, they have experience in public violence in demonstrations, in sports events, in attacking minorities, in attacking rival sports fan groups.

And what’s going on with Benzi Gofstein’s Lahava? Will they accept responsibility for preventing the assimilation of kosher Jewish women who want to marry Arabs? Maybe, we’ll give it time and see what happens. In any case, it’s a disaster. We must stay on the streets for this idea alone.

This week our people will celebrate Passover. There will be those who will not celebrate, because they have no money to buy groceries for the week of the holiday. But what do the residents of Darek Lake care? They go on a month’s vacation, poverty has never really interested them. The poor have no food, so let them eat legal reform, maybe it will taste good to them.

The remarks given by US President Joe Biden to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu elicited a variety of statements from the residents of Lake Darek, bordering on common stupidity. These statements and more nonsense will be the cracks for the Shabbes-Koidesh in the crumbling Kathrilibka.

-Nissim Vettori informs President Biden: “If we have to defend ourselves, we will do it without the United States, if it does not support us. There was a case at Eitan Cliff, when they decided on an arms embargo on Hellfire missiles for the Apache – and Israel managed. Soldiers were killed, in my opinion, also thanks to the American support in quotation marks.” Interviewer Gideon Oko from News 12: “Soldiers were killed because of Obama’s arms embargo?”, Vettori: “Yes.” And this guy is a legislator in Israel’s Lake Darek and also a member of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee. How did this happen, this appointment?

-Another from Nissim Vattori, this time on radio 103FM: “I also have a criticism of the system in the US, but we have never criticized it.” It is very important to visit. Perhaps Nissim should immigrate to the US, be elected to Congress, then visit and change. For now we are living at the expense of the US, and in its description it is written: the owner of the century is the owner of the opinion.

– Another political start-up – Dan Iloz threatens the President and Congress: “President Biden’s statement crossed a red line, in the friendship between the countries. Friends don’t behave this way towards each other. Don’t do it again.” This is a reality that Netanyahu finds it difficult to live with, but he has no choice. You can say anything about Netanyahu, but in diplomacy he is a cannon. Vettori and Iloz are nothing and nothing, every statement they make, in any field, is damage.

– Hillel Biton Rosen, Macher from Channel 14: “The days are over when the wrong will tell us how to behave and what to do. Aspire to Netanyahu.” He is right, but there is a slight problem here. These gentiles throw here every year 3.8 billion dollars, give us a diplomatic umbrella and support almost every whim of our zero collections. Gentiles do not support a governmental coup to a dictatorship. Bummer.

– Our collection of zeroes secured an exemption from entry permits to the USA this coming September. The State Department in America informed us: “Israel did not meet the eligibility requirements for an exemption from an entry permit.” Yes, it happens to us that the promises of Agam Darek meet reality.

-Transportation Minister Miri “the gifted” Regev does not like Dubai, but she has approved seven more regular flights to Israel for the Emirates this summer. Maybe she was convinced that only anarchist demonstrators were flying there.

– Justice Minister Yariv Levin reassures his supporters: “Thank you very much for all the support. I will make a supreme effort to do justice, and to pass the legislation in the next session. We will organize demonstrations all over the country, we hope that those who hurt us from among us will stop doing so.” He is building on Ben Gvir’s Hasadi Hashem militia. It is possible to disperse the discussions in the Mishkan Hanasi. This is farsh, they tell you, farsh.

– Dozens of religious Zionist father-puppets published a halachic decree aimed at freeing the murderer Amiram Ben Oliel from solitary confinement, so that he could celebrate the Passover Seder. “We demand with a loud voice that this year Amiram will celebrate order as usual in a group in the Touri wing, with the other prisoners. Amiram is entitled to prison conditions at least equal to the prison conditions of terrorists.” I have no problem with him celebrating, provided he is also defined as a terrorist, who burned down a family in the village of Duma.

-Another 17 puppets of religious Zionism issued a call against stopping the coup d’état. “It is unthinkable that a minority will impose its opinion with violence.” The tour of this jama’ah is interesting. 28 years ago they preached a persecutor, and also published a stinking halachic ruling, and there was also minority violence. Yitzhak Rabin and Emil Grinzweig were murdered by the emissaries of the minority. But according to the holy Torah, if it serves the interests of a puppet master, then it is allowed.

– Avigdor Lieberman on the delay of the legislation: “I know Netanyahu, he can’t work on me. It’s clear that this is a fraudulent exercise. He wants to get through the holidays, and at the same time quiet down centers of unrest in Likud. His main goal is to text the protest.” The truth is that he knows him. They were partners in quite a few political shenanigans and some dirty tricks, such as the seizure of power after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin the 14th.

-Itamar Ben Gabir in response to President Biden’s remarks: “We appreciate the democratic regime in the US, but precisely for this reason they need to understand that Israel is an independent country, not another star on the US flag. It should be clear all over the world – the people Here he went to the elections, he has his desires.” He is right in his opinion. His people want to burn Hvara, he already tried. His people want to have a private militia with thousands of orders. Democracy in the world is less fond of such militias, it reminds them of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, or Putin’s Wagner force. President Biden does not have such a militia, so his view does not coincide with Ben Gabir’s democracy.

-Channel 11: Netanyahu’s office and other close associates were in continuous contact with representatives of the Histadrut, before and after the declaration of the general strike in the economy. Yonatan Urich, a Macher employed by Netanyahu, coordinated the moves with the Histadrut.

– Michal Shir, from Agam Darek, in a hormonal speech full of emotion, which in my opinion makes unnecessary its necessity in our public, only because we have too much of this commodity: “After the streets have been burning here for 12 weeks, after the Prime Minister fired the Minister of Defense who told the truth, and people left to the streets to fight for their lives. And he, this brazen, arrogant one, calls the right to take to the streets and demonstrate. Who are you to spill our blood, the blood of the protesters on your hands.

“You are an irresponsible man, you are a man who is a shame in the history of the State of Israel, that is what you are. You should be arrested for incitement, you should be arrested for violence. You are a dangerous man, you proved it today. We will not be stopped, Mr. Netanyahu, you are endangering us. You take the minister to nothing national, let him set up the Stasi here. You, the whole coalition, you are a stain, a stain!” Michal just forgot that she was a Likud member for quite a few years, during Netanyahu’s time. The reality was no different, only the Stasi is a relatively new development.

– Moisha Gafni is practicing a new agenda in preparation for receiving the huge booty, in an interview with “Yad Neman”. “The Ecclesiastical Forum has long since ceased to be right-wing, the Ecclesiastical Forum is left-wing.” A statement that is worth billions and exemption from conscription forever.

– Moisha Gafni, in a speech at Agam Darek, informs humanity that in 74 years there has not been a single PSAD in favor of the ultra-Orthodox “never, never, never”. This is not true, factually. Efrat Reiten checked and found: gender segregation in the academy, prevention of LIB studies In ultra-Orthodox education, the freezing of the cell phone reforms, the continuation of the subsidy for the children of the homeless (the same Gafni welcomed the decision).

Next: the construction of a mikveh in 2014 in Kfar Vardim, which is a secular settlement; and the disqualification of the election broadcast of the Shinio Party, which humiliated and looted the ultra-Orthodox in 2006, by the decision of Supreme Court President Aharon Barak. Reiten concludes: “There are gaps between what you present and the reality.” Gafni was not convinced and continued to shout: “Never, never, never No”.

– Merav Cohen answers Ben Gabir, who disguised himself as Golanchik: “You do not represent Golani, you were not recruited into the IDF, because you were a member of a terrorist organization. You do not represent the Negev, because most of your life you lived in Hebron. In the living room of your house hung a picture of the murderer Baruch Goldstein. You don’t represent manual workers, you made a living as a lawyer who represents the youth of the hills and village burners. You are a shame to the government and the State of Israel.”

-Prime Minister Netanyahu praises the right-wing protesters: “You arrived spontaneously, without funding and without media push.” ​​Tof, the truth has always been a non-binding recommendation for him. His propaganda minister Galit Distel Atbarian and his band of cheerleaders pushed media. Galit is like Dr. Bressler sycamore. The difference between them is that Galit is a member of the collection of zeros, which is supposed to serve the people, and receives a salary for her work, while Shekma volunteers. A small difference.

– Here 11: The Polish deputy foreign minister claims: “Israel consulted with us regarding the legal reform. We shared our experience with it.” They did well in Poland, yes? They just destroyed the country, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a shame they didn’t. But really, a country that exterminated most of the Jewish people in crematoria just over 80 years ago, gives us advice on regime change? What next? A speech by the Prime Minister of Poland on Holocaust Remembrance Day? Maybe he has misgivings about why they didn’t finish the job for the Nazis.

-Tipshurat Minister Shlomo Karai made the mistake of a 10-year-old boy, and went to an interview with Dana Weiss from News 12. Dana peeled off his skin without anesthesia. To all the questions he answered: he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know, he doesn’t deal with it, he doesn’t understand and he doesn’t watch TV, because he is ultra-Orthodox. He defines the 7th grader as an acquaintance, he does not know who is a member of the grading committee, he does not know the issue of pro/anti-LGBT legislation. Now he doesn’t even know why he was interviewed.

-Child 7 explains in a WhatsApp group to Defense Minister Yoav Galant the reason for his dismissal: “Israel’s security depends first of all on not normalizing political disobedience in the army.” , they are not reluctant. They decided to stop volunteering.

– The same 17-year-old got angry at the daughter of the spy Eli Cohen 14, who participated in a demonstration against the coup d’état and said: “I grew up on his values.” Child 7 tweeted in response to the publication: “Unbelievable! In the 1990s, the IDF managed to capture senior Lebanese security personnel who worked for Iran, when the goal was to use them as a bargaining chip for the release of Ron Arad. The High Court forced the state to release them back to Lebanon. In doing so, the only chance to free Ron Arad was lost.” Yes, from too much pressure he is confused for 30 years. Ron Arad was captured when only oranges were grown in Israel, before the period of Abba’s rule.

MK Matan Kahana refers to the ultra-Orthodox silence on infrastructure works on Shabbat. It turns out that the work on Shabbat only increases. Apparently the chair is more important.” Not only the chair, Mr. Kahane, you forgot the Goelizian fine. It is just as important. By the way, Uri Makleb is the Deputy Minister of Transportation.

– Minister Dodi Amsalem expresses an opinion on violence against women. “I certainly think that women need protection, certainly women who have experienced violence, there are many women who have even experienced murder.” He is right, according to him.

-Macher Arel Segal in a tweet on Twitter: “Galant waited for Bibi abroad and then stuck him, and all of us. What a wretch.” Who is “and all of us”?

-Minister for nothing-and-nothing affairs May Golan: “Whoever does not support the legislation – above the mandate he received! One Bennett was enough for us.” Ummm… I knew she was gifted. So what, May, is Bibi above the mandate he received?

-Prime Minister Netanyahu in an interview here on the 11th, before the formation of the government under his leadership: “The first thing I’m going to do is establish a housing cabinet. Within 30 days of its establishment, I will pass the decision to give the mayors the infrastructures.” Three months have passed, but the Prime Minister is busy with the gift law, a coup d’état, establishing a private militia, firing the defense minister, fighting with America, so he has no time.

– The court in Tel Aviv has had its say. The 7th child will compensate Stav Shapir with 60,000 shekels. Now I am convinced that the law on gifts will be passed to elected officials and my sons. The child only fails in every legal discussion, someone has to pay for this pleasure, father and mother are not enthusiastic So legislation is required, because there is no choice.

So far you will be informed saints. Nothing has happened yet, and when it does it will be worse, with splashes of blood in the streets. There is no chance of the fusion of the rift in the public. The ceremony is over, Kinderleach, get ready for the cantons’ independence celebrations. It’s o-to-to. I want Shikon L in Tel Aviv to change its name to Ramat Biden. And that Kamela will come to the ceremony, because she is there.


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