Wife bedridden, stole 550 Pawan from own house for girlfriend; Businessman arrested

Police said that Shekhar, who is married and father of two children, became intimate with Swati two years ago.

Swati and Shekhar arrested

Chennai: Businessman arrested for stealing 550 Pawan gold from his own house to give love gift to his girlfriend. Shekhar, a native of Chennai, was arrested by the police. Shekhar stole the jewelery of his brother’s wife and mother. The police also arrested Swathi’s girlfriend, who was taken from the theft.

The incident took place in Poonamallee near Chennai. Shekhar belongs to a wealthy family with a confectionary shop and a money exchange in the city center. 40-year-old Shekhar is looking after all this. Shekhar’s wife has been bedridden for a long time. It was during this time that Shekhar became close to 22-year-old Swati. Later Shekhar gave all the money and gold to Swati.

Shekhar’s wife, who has been fighting with her brother Rajesh for two years, recently returned home and realized that the gold kept in the cupboard was missing. The mother-in-law’s gold was also lost. The complaint says that both will come to 550 Pawan. The brother lodged a complaint with the police.

Police searched the home and found no signs of a burglary. That is how the investigation turned towards the family. The police learned that Shekhar was close to Swati, a resident of Velachery, and had secretly taken the gold from the house and given it to them several times. Shekhar had also bought an expensive car for Swati who was living a luxurious life.

Poonamallee police arrested Shekhar and Swati, who were absconding after the secret came out. Police said that Shekhar, who is married and father of two children, became intimate with Swati two years ago.

Content Highlights: man steals gold from own house, spends it on girlfriend

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