‘Wife not as beautiful as imagined, disappointed in comparison’; Court called cruel – Kerala High Court | Divorce | Justices Anil K Narendran Justices CS Sudha

Kochi ∙ The High Court has said that comparing and making fun of other women is mental cruelty that no wife can tolerate. A husband’s abuse of his wife for not living up to his expectations is also cruel. The court also stated that all this can be considered as a reason for divorce. A division bench of the High Court comprising Justices Anil K. Narendran and C.S. Sudha stated that cruelty can be not only physical but also mental, quoting previous court judgments.

It is difficult to give a comprehensive definition of cruelty as it changes over time. The court also said that verbal abuse using foul language also amounts to mental cruelty. The husband had approached the High Court against the family court judgment granting divorce on the wife’s petition. The important remarks of the Court are in the order dismissing this appeal.

The wife had stated that her husband used to physically torture her. A husband abuses his wife by saying that she is not as beautiful as he imagines and that she is a disappointment compared to other women. According to the wife’s statement, the husband gets very jealous if he receives any messages from his male friends.

The court held that all these are mental cruelty and are sufficient grounds for divorce. Society’s interest is to maintain marriage as long as possible. But the court also stated that the law cannot turn a blind eye to the endless continuation of distressing situations.

English Summary: Comparison to other women amounts to cruelty: Kerala High Court


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