Will Canada come up with solutions for the Tamil people?

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Canadian Members of Parliament have been briefed on all issues, including human rights abuses against the Tamil people in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

These matters have been recorded by TNA MPs MA Sumanthiran and Ira Chanakkiyan who are on a visit to Canada.

Tamil National Alliance MPs MA Sumanthiran and Ir. Chanakkiyan paid a direct visit to the Canadian Parliament yesterday. Ira posted this on their homepage. Chanakyan said he went there at the invitation of a Canadian MP.

During the meeting, TNA parliamentarians met with more than 15 parliamentarians to discuss issues including a political solution for the Tamil people in the Tamil homeland, repression, land and resource exploitation.

He also urged the Canadian government to put appropriate pressure on the Sri Lankan government to find a solution for the Tamil people as soon as possible.


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