Will David Beckham respond? The statement of the former colleague about his wife

Will David Beckham respond?  The statement of the former colleague about his wife

David and Victoria Beckham (photo from Instagram)

Former English footballer Rio Ferdinand opened up about his friendship with his former Manchester United and England team mate, David Beckham, and also about his wife Victoria.

While guesting on Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O yesterday, host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson admitted she was ‘obsessed’ with Victoria’s diet as the fashion designer is a known picky eater.

Ferdinand responded: “I never saw her eat anything. I don’t remember anything like that, to be honest.”

“Was she nice?” Jackie then asked, to which Rio replied: ‘Yes, she’s nice.’ Second pitcher Kyle Sandilands, laughed: ‘You can’t ask a player about another football player’s wife!’

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In July, Victoria Beckham shared a glimpse of her special diet after her husband David admitted she “only eats fish and grilled vegetables”. The former Spice Girls singer told Vogue Australia that her husband made her food “boring” when in fact she fills her diet with “healthy fat” and regularly does a detox where she avoids drinking alcohol.

Victoria’s comments also came after a high-profile chef revealed the star’s “complicated” requirements for dinner when she and David attended Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos’ wedding in 2019, where she kept asking for “bowls of mint and coconut water”.

Following David’s comments about her diet, Victoria told Vogue: ‘What he meant was that he’s never met anyone more disciplined in the way they eat. I eat a lot of healthy fat: fish, avocado, nuts, things like that. I do drink alcohol, unless I have a reason not to.”

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