“Will enter the history books”: Italy does not relax from Jonathan Cohen’s gate Watch

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Jonathan CohenAlthough he did not play in the last qualifying campaign in the Israeli national team uniform, last night (Sunday) the Israeli proved that there is someone to build on in the next campaign after scoring his second goal of the season in the Italian Pisa uniform in the 13th round. The Israeli did so with a performance he will forever remember with one of the most beautiful goals he has scored throughout his career.

Watch Yonatan Cohen’s performance:

Cohen went on to kick a free kick and kicked artfully on the way to a 0: 1 advantage after just 7 minutes, which was enough for his team to score three precious points. Pisa is now in second place in the table after a very bad period and five games without a win, a period that caused it to lose the summit.

The Israeli striker completed a full ninety minutes, and his Italian team returned to second place in Serie B – a place from which, at the end of the season, they will be promoted to the senior league.

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