‘Will go with daughter’, Mofia’s father’s painful Facebook post | Mofiya Parveen

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The father’s Facebook post on the untimely death of his daughter Aluva has caused grief to relatives and relatives. Dilshad, the father of law student Mofia Parveen, who committed suicide due to domestic violence, posted on Facebook yesterday that he was going with his daughter.

‘A part of my mole liver. I’m going to my mole too. The mole is now alone. I’m always been Mol’s helper. Whatever the problem, Mol is a daddy. I’ll get there. Mol would call me for any problem he could not solve. But this is not the only call. You may have thought that life was not enough. But I’m not ready to give up. The grip on God is low. But let’s give it a try ‘. Dilshad wrote on Facebook.

English Summary: Mofiya Parveen’s father’s facebook post


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