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Honda Activa, the number 1 selling scooter, is set to launch the 7G model in August next year. With the engine installed in it, you can expect a mileage of 100 km per liter of petrol.

Honda scooters are known for their engine quality. If properly serviced, it will work for a long time without spending a lot of money. Driving the vehicle at a moderate speed will give a mileage of 50 km. The new Activa 7G model is expected to come with a 109cc hybrid engine. On the front end, only the odometer gauges have changed slightly. Other designs will mostly remain the same.

The automobile industry says that the mileage efficiency will increase due to the change made in the engine. As the electric scooters are taking over the market due to the rise in petrol prices, Honda has informed that the vehicle is being prepared with an engine that will give a mileage of 100 km to maintain the market share.

This model will also be equipped with Ideal Start, Stop technology. If the vehicle stops for too long at the signals, the engine will automatically switch off. Then screw the accelerator and it starts again. This will not waste petrol.

While the currently on sale Activa 6G is said to have an outdated instrument cluster, the 7G model will come with a digital console. It has a petrol indicator. The odometer is also visible. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity technology. It will also be fitted with tires that are 1 inch larger than the tires used on other models.

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