Will Scotland soon be ruled by an immigrant child?

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Shows his heart for civil rights: Humza Yousaf in the election campaign with a plea for liberal gender politics
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Rishi Sunak caused a sensation as the first non-white Hindu to become British Prime Minister. Now the Muslim Humza Yousaf has a good chance of becoming prime minister in Scotland. It would be another historic moment.

EHalf a year after Rishi Sunak, the first non-white and first Hindu prime minister, moved into 10 Downing Street, a similarly groundbreaking moment could occur in the coming week. Should the poll leader Humza Yousaf actually win the bickering battle to succeed Nicola Sturgeon at the head of the Scottish National Party, Scotland would have its first non-white and its first Muslim prime minister at the time of Ramadan of all times. Even if 37-year-old Yousaf were to lose to one of the two women competing against him, his life’s journey represents the societal shift towards the integration of immigrants from the former British colonies, which is also reflected in the cultural debates surrounding the inclusion of diaspora communities reflects.

Gina Thomas

Features correspondent based in London.

Like Sunak, Yousaf is the product of the ideals of the first generation of economic migrants from the Indian subcontinent who worked hard to ensure their children had a good education in order to pave the way to the top. Yousaf’s paternal grandfather came to the Clyde with his family from Pakistan in the early 1960s and found work in a sewing machine factory. On his mother’s side, Yousaf (like Sunak) is descended from Indians who migrated to East Africa but eventually found refuge in Britain because of the reprisals there against Asians.

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