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from Simona Marchetti

A guest of Trevor Noah on his “The Daily Show,” the 54-year-old actor first spoke about last March’s episode, revealing he was ashamed when his nephew asked him why he hit another man

When Will Smith came home on Oscar night, after his famous slap at Chris Rock in front of millions of viewers, his little nephew asked him a question, which shattered him, making him ashamed as never before for what he had done. “My little nephew Dom is nine years old and he’s the sweetest little boy ever. He had stayed up late to watch Uncle Will receive the Oscar and when we were sitting in the kitchen, with him on my lap holding the statuette, he asked me “why did you hit that man, Uncle Will?” ».

Guest of Trevor Noah for his «The Daily Show» the 54-year-old actor was moved to remember the episode. «It was a horrible night, there was a repressed anger inside me for a long time-Smith admitted during the interview, the first in which he spoke of the slap in Rock last March-. You can never know what another person is going through. I was going through something that night, not that that in any way excuses my behavior. That moment was a lot of things for me. I was the child who saw the father beat the mother. All of that exploded inside me at that moment, but that’s not the man I want to be.”

The host on the talk show is part of the promotional tour for the film “Emancipation” by Antoine Fuqua, to be released on December 2nd and now Smith’s concern is that his crazy gesture could penalize the film (the actor, who is resigned from the Academy, will not be able to attend the Oscar ceremony for 10 years). «”Emancipation” is a masterpiece by director Antoine Fuqua and the idea that they could deny him an Oscar because of me… this thing is killing me – concluded the star -. The thing that hurts me is that these people came to me and trusted me. I hope their work will be honored regardless of judgment on me and my actions and that their efforts will not be ignored due to horrible behavior that is mine alone.”

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