Will the district administration take steps to build rainwater harvesting systems?| Dinamalar

In 2005, the Tamil Nadu government ordered the construction of rainwater harvesting systems in private buildings and houses and government offices to raise the groundwater level.

Because of this, in government office buildings and private houses, they installed pipes from the roof and built pits to collect the water underground. Due to this the ground water level rose. The defunct borewells were brought back into operation due to rainwater harvesting.

VAO Rainwater collection system has been created in offices, taluk offices, panchayat union offices and panchayat buildings. At present, pipes set up for rainwater collection in government offices are broken and tanks are also seen in damaged condition. The rainwater harvesting pits are filled with garbage. Plants and trees are sprouting. Even if the rainwater falls into the tank, it cannot reach the ground and overflows into the drain.

In many government offices, the rainwater harvesting tank is maintained like a dustbin. The district administration should take steps to create rainwater harvesting systems not only in panchayat union offices and taluk offices but also in public places like bus stands and bus stops.

Social activists have emphasized that this will inspire and interest the public to bring the rainwater harvesting system back into operation.

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