Will the “hijab protest” come to an end? The surprising step of the regime in Iran

The authorities in Iran announced the release of 1,200 people who were arrested during the “hijab protest” throughout the country, Al Jazeera reported this morning (Wednesday). The demonstrations that began last September, following the death of the Kurdish young woman Mehsa Amini, quickly spread throughout the Islamic Republic and led to the arrest of thousands alongside hundreds of deaths.

The spokesman for the country’s judiciary stated that “the instruction was given by the head of the judicial authority, and this is within the authority’s vision to create an atmosphere of calm, comfort and friendship between the parts of society.” He added that “the release order does not include those who took a role in leading and organizing the riots.” The announcement comes after the judicial system handed down a death sentence to five of 16 citizens who stood trial for killing an activist in the Revolutionary Guards, during the protests.

Protests in Iran (Photo: Reuters)

In the meantime, media outlets in the country reported that the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, called “to rebuild the cultural system in the country.” According to him, during a meeting on the cultural council, he emphasized that “there is a need to bring about a revolution and the Supreme Council must take into account the cultural weakness in various areas of the country.” His words come after the report that the Iranian regime will abolish the “Morality Police”.

As a reminder, the Iranian news agency ISNA reported last Sunday that the Revolutionary Guards in Iran closed the morality police units, after more than two months of demonstrations. Since the protests began in the country, the Revolutionary Guards have tried to suppress the protests by blocking the internet and cellular services, WhatsApp and Instagram. Also, in a recently revealed tape in which senior Revolutionary Guards officers were heard, at least 70% of the companies in 21 provinces across the country took part in the call for a strike following Amini’s death.

In addition, the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, who is close to the Revolutionary Guards, also sounded concerned about the situation in the country, saying: “I hope that security will be completely restored in the country soon, so that legitimate and necessary changes will begin to establish a new type of governance in the economic, social and political fields within the framework of the Islamic Republic.”


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