Will the Prime Minister’s term of office be approved? Watch the broadcast from the Knesset plenum

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The bill limiting the term of office of a prime minister for a period of eight years will be put to a vote in the Knesset plenum today (Monday), in the first reading. The proposal reaches the plenum after it was approved yesterday by government ministers in a telephone poll. In addition, the plenum opened with two no-confidence motions in the government, one by the Likud and one by Shas and Torah Judaism. Both motions were rejected.

Prior to the vote on the Justice Minister’s bill, Saar stepped up to the rostrum to present the thought behind the proposal: “Menachem Begin said that prolonged rule is a danger to the nation’s freedom and morality. He can not help but create arrogance of rulers, dependence controlled, fear dependent.These things said in 1955 by opposition leader Menachem Begin are beautiful and relevant then as they are today. Almost 66 years after being said. Prolonged rule of one person is harmful. “

“On behalf of the government, I am proposing an amendment to the ‘Basic Law: The Government’ to limit the term of office of the Prime Minister. The priesthood gives the issue a lot of power. “Powers to dismiss ministers and even to dissolve the Knesset. In the face of the dangers of excessive concentration of concentration and resulting enslavement, we offer a better and more balanced arrangement and a large majority of Israeli citizens support the idea of ​​limiting tenure and prefer it immeasurably over indefinite tenure.”

In addition, Saar claimed that the Likud has many supporters for the law: “I want to state most clearly that I know that the faction that has the greatest support for the law is the Likud faction. There is no faction from the House factions, according to my present and past conversations “A force that I also receive these days, there is no faction that has greater support for the law than the Likud faction.”

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“The question is why the old Bibi supported and the new Bibi opposes. Should we all wake up forever to the movie ‘Get Up Yesterday Morning’ just because one person wants in power and we can not let go? I suggest to the Likud, listen to David Bitan who said most openly – this law is a good law. It is a worthy law. You will also have the courage to say what you say in private and express a position that is in line with the will of the public. The abduction series is about to end in the State of Israel. “Today, a balanced and better arrangement of priesthood restrictions and all the quarrels we have seen in recent days are more the result of only one thing – a loss of temper as a result of the loss of power.”

Meanwhile, a short time before the vote, the vote of Sharan Hashakel was promised after an agreement was reached on the establishment of a cannabis committee headed by her. The cannabis committee has been in the eye of the storm recently, after Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz was convinced that it was not necessary to establish it, after talks with his ministry staff. Following his decision, MK Hashakel announced that he would postpone the plenum votes until approval was given for the establishment of the committee.

After the minister’s remarks, MK Miri Regev came up to comment on the bill: “Gideon. How much chatter on the net. “Israel, to strengthen the power triangle of media, law and government. All in order to maintain this detached government that has no public trust.”

“They do not reach Netanyahu’s percentage of support. They take them by surprise and leave them dusty. Therefore, Gideon’s advocates, all these laws show that you are from PKK. “This government convened only to prevent Netanyahu from leading. We saw the holes in Nir Hefetz’s testimony. Next time, the law that Saar will submit will be the law to replace the people.”

MK Miri Regev in the Knesset Plenum (Photo: Noam Moskowitz, Knesset Spokeswoman)

During the debate, a sharp confrontation broke out between MK Bezalel Smutrich and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK Mansour Abbas, who chaired the plenary session, after Smutrich, Abbas and Ra’am claimed that they had not yet condemned the attack in Jerusalem: “Say the words, yesterday was carried out Murder of a Jew, an Israeli citizen, and you strongly condemn and do not talk about violence on both sides. “There is one side that pursues peace and justice, that wants to exercise its right to live in the Land of Israel, and there is a murderous violent terrorist side, which refuses to come to terms with our existence and massacres and kills and bruises us again and again.”

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“Say the words in Hebrew and Arabic. I condemn the heinous murder that took place yesterday in Jerusalem. It is clear. Without commentary. You do not condemn the murder of Eli Kay the 14th? We Jews are not idiots. We understand simple things, “the chairman of Religious Zionism attacked.

Abbas replied that the response issued by the party, after the Likud announcement, was “We have stood for 30 years. I do not say my condemnation in response to you. If there is anything that has affected me in the history of the Jewish people it is blood libels and false accusations against the Jewish people. “You take the role of the enemies of the Jewish people and plot human plots and false accusations. You do not have the courage to listen. You have not learned a single thing from the history of your people. Blood libels and false accusations are the hardest works that have affected me. You do it. Congratulations.” .

Last week, the Ministerial Committee on Legislation unanimously approved the bill in question, which seeks to limit prime ministers to only two terms, for a period of eight years. The law applies to the cumulative tenure of the prime minister, unless the term of office exceeds three years.


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