Will Tim Cook upgrade the employees? This is the message that Apple has released

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Tim Cook Apple CEO (Twitter / Tim Cook, pexels)

Apple sent a notice to employees last Friday in which the company gave a reminder that employees may discuss wages, hours and working conditions. The announcement came because some employees are pushing Apple to narrow unfair pay gaps across the company.

In a post on an internal website, Apple said its policy does not prevent employees from “talking freely” about working conditions, according to a copy of the message that reached Reuters. “We encourage any employee with concerns to grow them in the way they feel most comfortable, internally or externally,” the post said.

Apple’s business conduct policy has already included language that states that employees are not restricted in their ability to discuss wages, hours and working conditions, which is generally protected under U.S. law. But employees who have spoken out in recent months have encountered opposition, said Apple’s former program director, Jank Parish.

Parish, who was fired after being in a senior position in employee activities, said she hopes Apple’s message will ease the way for others. “The first step is to make sure people are aware of their rights,” she said.

Apple has previously said it does not discuss specific employee issues and is “deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace.” The move comes amid a broader push by Silicon Valley workers to talk about their working conditions and the impact of technology on the company.

Earlier this week, another prominent activist, Apple software engineer Sher Scarlett, wrote on Twitter that she was leaving the company. Scarlett submitted a letter to the National Council on Labor Relations claiming that Apple had halted discussions on wages among workers. Her lawyer, Alexander Palestiner, said the matter had been settled and the charge dropped.

Scarlett and Parish worked together on “#AppleToo,” a group through which current and past employees have shared stories of what they call harassment and discrimination.

“Apple is known for its secret culture, which is designed to keep the details of new products closed. Employees are sometimes unaware of their right to talk about issues like wages and working conditions,” Parish said.

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