Will Ukrainians be able to warm themselves this winter?

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, 35% of energy-producing industries are located in the currently occupied territories. Following Russian aggression, 50% of gas and electricity supply companies, 30% of solar installations and more than 90% of wind turbines are out of order.

Fall and winter will be tough. According to energy sector expert Olha Kocharna, everyone needs to be prepared for the winter months and it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy to communicate with the people and warn them, instead of just issuing “good news”, addressed especially to the government… Because according to the colleagues of Olha Kocharna, the country is truly in a critical situation: the difficulties to come had their equal only during the second half of the 1990s. The main reason? The government’s hopes that “everything will go back to normal on its own”. And that is why the power in place does not act.

Hennadiy Riabtsev, an expert in the energy market, draws the following conclusion: in time of war, the State’s outdated methods will not suffice to effectively prepare the country to face winter. In particular, he mentions the supply of coal to underground gas reservoirs and the warehouses of power stations. Riabtsev asserts that“previously it was not the government but specialists in the sector who dealt with these issues. Today, the situation is quite different, because a very large number of energy supply infrastructures have been destroyed or cannot operate at full capacity.


So, according to him, due to the destruction of all centralized networks of heat, electricity and gas supply in eastern and northern Ukraine, many localities will not be able to prepare for winter . And in order to save Ukraine from an energy shortage, the state should eliminate all bureaucratic obstacles and grant local governments decision-making power, so that consumers can prepare themselves, for example by installing individual heating means


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