Willing to pay $200 per day visitor tax; Bhutan calls | Bhutan re-opens to tourists willing to pay 200 dollars a day visitor tax

Bhutan, one of the world’s most remote and exotic travel destinations, has reopened its borders to visitors. Only go here if you are willing to pay the $200 visitor tax per day. Bhutan has decided to use this income for environmental protection. Visitors pay $200 for a one-night stay.

The population of Bhutan is less than eight lakh. The sustainable development fee for one night’s stay has been raised from $65. In 2020, the borders were closed due to covid. Attractive packages have been prepared for tourists to improve the economy which has been damaged due to covid. In Venice, Italy, the introduction of a €10 entry fee for day-trippers has been postponed until next year. An eight dollar levy has been waived for arriving in Thailand by air. Bhutan’s goal is to keep the country carbon neutral and combat the threat of climate change.


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