Wilma Facchinetti, the outburst: “My ex-boyfriend obsessed with sex always wanted to do it. I had to lock myself in the bathroom”

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Wilma Facchinetti and the harassing ex-boyfriend. Responding to a follower’s comment, the wife of Francesco Facchinetti she indulged in a personal confidence with her fans, revealing that she had previously had a mate obsessed with sex, which forced her to have intercourse even when she didn’t feel like it. “I’ve already had one like that, it leads you to despair,” the 39-year-old Brazilian began, referring to the testimony of the woman who wrote to her that she was struggling with a sex addicted husband.

“Like, you know when you go to a party, the party ends, you get in the car, you can’t wait to get home to take off your shoes, take off your dress, maybe it’s even a Friday of a bad week you just want to go to. in bed and sleep for 12 hours – said Lady Facchinetti -. Well, no, I was getting into the car after the party already pissed off because I knew I was coming home and I had to handle that madness there”.

“Even me I had to lock the bathroom door when I was taking a shower because otherwise it would come in… ”, continued Wilma Helena Faissol. “Another time, after skiing, we went to a supermarket to get some things – he continues – I get down to get a pack of biscuits and he it comes at me from behind. I get up, turn around and tell him: ‘But how does it come to your mind? We are in a supermarket, we skied for 12 hours, I’m all sweaty, I’m tired, my knee hurt: let go of me! ‘ I swear it was so. For him the ideal was once a day during the week and the weekend, Friday Saturday and Sunday, three times a day… It was a liberation when we broke up ”.

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