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[e-zone news]The official did not take the initiative to promote, but “Windows 11” after nearly 9 months of launch, is now finally available on the US website as a separate purchase option. The two versions, “Home” and “Pro”, are priced at US$139 (approximately HK$1,090.96) and US$199.99 (approximately HK$1,569.65), similar to the previous generation of Windows 10.

Since “Windows 11” was launched in October last year, it has only provided the option of free upgrades from “Windows 10”, and has never been released independently. In the past, if consumers wanted to upgrade to “Windows 11”, they could only download the update after the existing operating system or a new machine with “Windows 10” installed. Until the moment of writing, the Microsoft Hong Kong website has not yet provided an independent sale option.

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