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Microsoft brings out a new Windows! What used to happen every few years is now a rarity. Windows 10 has been the current version of the most important operating system for computers and notebooks since 2015. So now comes a big update with Windows 11.

Windows 11 in a new look

The most obvious change: the Start menu is no longer in the lower left, but in the middle of the screen. If you tap on it, a start menu appears, from which the tiles, which most users never clicked anyway, have disappeared. Instead, Windows now shows apps and recently used documents.

The new start menu sits (as with MacOS) at the bottom center of the screen. Once opened, apps and documents appear

Photo: Microsoft

Exciting: Windows not only remembers the program settings for apps. The size and positions of the windows are also saved. This means that users can continue working exactly where they left off at any time. Another advantage: the function also works when using multiple monitors.

Microsoft promises that Windows 11 will be faster, easier, and use less storage space. It is supposed to save the batteries of notebooks and accelerate all programs that run under the operating system.

Close connection with teams and mobile phones

Also new: The communication functions of teams are built directly into Windows 11. Chats appear directly on the desktop, calls and video conferences can be started directly from the system tray.

Teaser picture

Teams chats appear directly on the desktop of the computer in Windows 11

Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft also showed a seamless connection to the mobile phone as part of the presentation. So far it is still unclear how this link should work – and whether it only works with Android or iOS devices.

Speaking of cell phones: Microsoft borrowed the idea of ​​the info page (called -1) from smartphones. The widgets area is located on the left edge of the screen. It shows information from many sources at a glance. Examples include news feeds, weather, traffic information, and appointments. Based on the user’s preferences, the news stream learns which topics the respective user finds exciting.

Teaser picture

The new widgets area looks like it came straight from the phone. It shows various information and all kinds of data that are hopefully of interest to the user at the moment

Photo: Microsoft

Android apps on Windows

Probably the most exciting new feature: All Android apps should run under Windows 11. Microsoft wants to bring it to the PC via Amazon’s Android app store, where it can run in a window like any other program. Now it could finally be worth the fact that Windows computers have long supported touchscreens.

Microsoft goes to great lengths to make the operating system exciting for developers and media professionals. In the news feed, users can tip their favorite authors or news sources directly from the widget screen.

Developers can use the new app store to bring apps to the operating system at no additional cost. In contrast to Google and Apple, programmers can market their content directly without having to pay Microsoft fees or a share of sales.

Teaser picture

The well-stocked Amazon app store will in future also supply Windows with apps that were previously only available on Android smartphones and tablets

Photo: Microsoft

Available from winter

Microsoft wants to bring Windows 11 on the market before Christmas. Computers that are bought now will get a free update to the new Windows version as soon as it becomes available.

Older Windows 10 computers should also receive a free update to Windows 11 if they are technically capable. To check this, Microsoft offers a program here.

The operating system is delivered via the Windows update process.



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