Windows 11’s next big update is coming: What’s new?

Very soon you will be able to watch YouTube videos without sound, and still know exactly what was said

Source: Microsoft

Whether you’ve already upgraded your computer to Windows 11 or you’re still waiting on the fence, Microsoft has a big update that is reportedly coming your way as early as next month, with some interesting new features and upgrades, some of which were announced months ago. Let’s see what awaits you.

Can we finally do Drag and Drop on the Taskbar?

Version 22H2 has been in testing for several months, but according to two different reports, Microsoft has already set its release date to September 20th. First and foremost, the Live Captions feature will be waiting for you. Whether you are hard of hearing, or you just don’t have the strength to plug in headphones when you play a video from YouTube in the office or at home, Live Caption will listen to every sound played on your computer, no matter where you play it from, and transcribe it. Although Google did it first on Android, and did it excellently, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s version will be just as good. Remember, unlike Google, Microsoft also knows how to do it excellently in Hebrew – so we hope for good news in this area as well.

It wouldn’t be a Windows 11 update without another start menu change, would it? So this time you will get the option to create folders for your applications in the Start menu, macOS style. Just drag one of the icons on top of the other, and a much neater folder will immediately open. In addition, the next time you press CTRL+ALT+DEL you won’t be blinded anymore, because the Task Manager finally gets Dark Mode. But the upgrade to the task manager is not only visual, from now on, you can also set limits for apps that are consuming too many resources (who said Chrome? I didn’t say Chrome).

In addition, the feature that all Windows 11 users have been waiting for is finally coming, and starting with the new update you can once again drag and drop on the taskbar. If you’ve just heard a few shouts of excitement in a Spice-like way, that’s probably why (or an email arrived on Happy Hour. Also a possibility). When you move windows to snap them, you will get a new interface that should be neater and more convenient. According to a report from Windows Central, we will finally get tabs in File Explorer, but according to The Verge, this feature will only come later. We’ll see.

The next event is on the way

Microsoft has not yet officially announced the launch date of the new version, and it should be taken into account that all these features are still in beta (as advanced as they are), but this October it will hold the Ignite conference where it is expected to reveal new devices, perhaps to celebrate the tenth year of the devices -Surface. Along with the hardware announcements, we’re likely to hear about a few more future innovations in Windows 11, so there’s more to look forward to.

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