With a new feature … the next “Android” may change the future of phones

Some sites interested in technical affairs mentioned that Google is working on testing a new feature that may be very important for manufacturers and users of smart phones at the same time.

According to the latest leaks, experts at Google are working on a new technology to be added to Android systems that will make it possible to dispense with the use of two SIM cards in the phone to connect to two cellular networks at the same time, and instead the phone will be able to connect to both networks together via eSIM technology.

Available data indicates that the new feature will be based on a patent filed in 2020, and Google had started testing it in some Pixel phone models that it is developing.

Experts believe that the new feature will make it easier for smart phone owners to take advantage of the features of more than one cellular network at the same time, and it will also enable phone manufacturers to take advantage of the place occupied by the second SIM card in the phone to use this space in placing a port for microSD memory cards. Or to put batteries with larger capacities in phones.

It is expected that the new technology will appear with Android 13 systems, of which Google will launch test versions before the end of the first half of this year.

Source: Russia Today


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