With Apple technology .. Dynamic Spot for Android exceeds one million downloads in record time

date of publication:
Oct 02 2022 6:50 GMT

Update date: Oct 02 2022 9:45 GMT

The “Dynamic Island” technology from Apple, which it developed in the “iPhone 14” series of phones for the upper category “Pro” and “Pro Max”, has made wide echoes around the world,

Source: Hadeer Muhammad – Erm News

The “Dynamic Island” technology from Apple, which it developed in the “iPhone 14” series of phones for the upper category “Pro” and “Pro Max”, has resonated widely around the world, and has received great attention in technical circles, being the first and most distinguished in the world to solve the extrusion problem.

And “Apple” developed the “Dynamic Island” technology to be the perfect alternative to take advantage of the “notch” crack in the front screen, as it made it a lively and interactive option, which gained the admiration of even the owners of “Android” phones.

A number of developers went to try to imitate this technology, which makes dealing with notifications on another level, in terms of touch, response and programmatic interaction, so that the most famous software developers in the world launched an application called Dynamic Spot with the same idea.

The aforementioned application has achieved more than one million downloads through “Google Play”, and it has also ranked in the top ten this week on APKMirror as well, which may be due to the great curiosity of “Android” phone owners to know what the dynamic “Apple” island will look like on their phones.

According to a report published by the “Android Police” website, the cracks and slots on the “Android” system are over, after they have proven to fail, to be replaced by small holes in the middle or side of the screen, and the hidden cameras under the screen are still out of reach and under development.

The report believes that the tremendous success achieved by the island from “Apple”, and the rush of developers and companies to imitate it on “Android”, to the extent that the Chinese company “Xiaomi” imitated it in its new phone CIVI 2, may make Android phone manufacturers allocate this technology constantly on their phones.

And thanks to the open nature of the Android operating system, it remains the perfect testing ground for emerging trends like this island, saving you the cost of an iPhone 14 Pro just to see what Dynamic Island looks like.

And if you don’t have a punch-hole phone, a lot of the best phones on the market today are properly equipped and ready to capture this amazing technology from Apple.


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