“With Covid psychological help and online physiotherapy for haemophilia patients”

“The Covid-19 pandemic, and the consequent physical inactivity, have affected the lives of our patients. However, despite the difficulties, as a multi-specialist team (hematologist, orthopedist, nursing staff, physiotherapist, counselor, case manager) we have educated patients to movement. Also thanks to ‘Articoliamo’ we reached patients at home, with videos and direct on various digital platforms with which they were able to follow physiotherapy sessions “. Elena Boccalandro, physiotherapist of the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center ‘A. Bianchi Bonomi ‘of the Policlinico di Milano, speaking at the online meeting of the tour of’ Articoliamo ‘, the campaign supported by Sobi with the patronage of FedEmo, created to promote joint well-being in people with haemophilia and now in its fourth stage.

Objective of the initiative: to take care of joint health and promote its well-being thanks to new services for patients, training opportunities with the most important haemophilia specialists, and a site full of clear and useful information in everyday life. In addition, the possibility of performing joint screening thanks to portable ultrasound scanners that are arriving in many Italian haemophilia centers.

“To zoom therapy and online physiotherapy – Boccalandro highlighted – we have also combined a Nordic walking course. I must say that the enthusiasm of the patients is the thing that motivates me the most to move forward. In this way, I understand first of all. what they need, through movement. But in addition to the role of the physiotherapist and osteopath, all the other figures who care for the patient are important. What does he do with a prosthesis if he is then unable to make it move? to move it? And with what spirit must he be able to face this situation? Here, the team is fundamental to motivate the patient “.

“To achieve great results it is essential to have a multi-specialist approach – reiterated Maria Serena Russo, president of the ‘Vincenzo Russo Serdoz’ Association – Starting with therapies, which allow the haemophilic person to lead a peaceful life full of experiences, up to a path of education and awareness of one’s pathology “.

But if physical activity is important “if supported by a solid basis of adequate and continuous prophylaxis”, just as prophylaxis “amplifies its effectiveness in the presence of appropriate physical activity”, recalled Francesco Cucuzza of the Scientific Committee ‘Articoliamo’ and advisor of FedEmo 2018-2020, the online meeting was also an opportunity to emphasize the psychological aspect, considered within multidisciplinarity as an area of ​​attention and care for the person with haemophilia.

“The psychological intervention – underlined Gianna Bellandi, counselor – has the objective of favoring the patient’s adherence to the treatment plan, helping him to give a full meaning to his life. The task of psychological support is to activate resources internal of the person with haemophilia understood as a process of individual growth of self-esteem and tenacity to lead the individual to appropriate himself with awareness of his potential “.


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