“With Covid, the sector has never stopped”

The pharmaceutical industry has never stopped. Even at the dawn of the pandemic“Covid-19,” the first thing we asked was to recognize the strategic role of the sector and we got it included in a law. We therefore had the opportunity to produce without interruption in an extremely complicated situation because the decrees relating to safety measures had not yet been defined. So every company has organized itself with seriousness and continued to produce while keeping the distancing safe for its employees “. Enrica Giorgetti, general manager of Farmindustria, speaking this morning atinauguration of ‘Labio 4.0 Marino Golinelli’ in the Alfasigma di Pomezia plant.

“We have never stopped – he recalled – In that period our companies also had problems of logistics and supply, and directly or through the association. we have maintained constant and direct contact with the Regions and even with individual hospitals. The truly extraordinary thing, which highlights the passion of our entrepreneurs and our companies, is that in some cases companies have reconverted existing production chains to produce gels or other drugs that were missing at that time. Also for this reason there has never been a lack of medicines available to patients with other pathologies “.

Giorgetti then highlighted the role of the pharmaceutical industry “which does not give up to contribute to people’s health and to collaborate with institutions. The figure of the period of the pandemic is that, through constant collaboration, it has been possible to ensure health for citizens – we must now continue to work in this direction in order to create a climate favorable to the attraction of investments, otherwise our competitors, including countries like France and Germany, will overtake us“he warned.

In this regard, he added, “let’s not forget that a competition law is being developed which calls into question the value of the patent. The research is long and risky – said Giorgetti – and it must pharmaceutical companies that invest in this sector are protected. Mine is a cry of alarm to avoid measures that could undermine the investment attractiveness of the country and the territories, such as Lazio which is the first export of drugs. Furthermore, I would like to underline that we are in serious delay in defining the decrees on clinical trials, a theme that I like to mention here “.

And on Labio 4.0 he commented: “Today is a day of celebration because a new creature was born, a creature devoted to innovation and therefore it is right to celebrate it. The emotion is great also because after 2 years of isolation we have recreated today, for the first time, the sense of community. The participation of many colleagues and many Italian pharmaceutical companies that are present at this event is proof of this “.


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