With kind regards! Which message fits on a postcard?

Do you still write real postcards when you are away? I do. Not happy though. While they are fun to buy and find out where there are stamps other than post offices. In France, for example, it used to be the “Tabac” shops. Now there are only brands for domestic use in some of them, or they are only available on Wednesdays or only in packs of ten. Finding what you are looking for here is a good project to move from a result-oriented approach to a vacation-oriented the-way-is-the-goal mentality.

But then you sit at a little table in the café, pen in hand, and the moment of truth has come. What should you write? Whether the sun is shining wherever you are going can be seen on their weather app by those who are interested, the food “is” not like it used to be in the holiday home, but just as you order it, how crowded the beaches are all taken from the photos posted, one would not want to entrust more private details to analog cards. So why was it worth the effort of handwriting? Which message fits on a card?



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