“With more lead time we would have used the pandemic aid in a more forward-looking manner”

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BerlinJürgen Allerkamp is retiring after six and a half years at the helm of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). His last year at the development bank could hardly have been more eventful. The pandemic has wrested a lot from him and the staff of the institute. A year later, the bank was discussed in a friendly manner. IBB reacted quickly to the crisis. The institute quickly distributed the first tranches of emergency aid from the state. However, the public prosecutor’s office is also investigating. Til today. The accusation: Fraudsters had an easy game because the IBB had insufficiently examined emergency aid applications.

We talk to Allerkamp about his outgoing office, the pandemic and what follows, how things will go with Berlin, about the local start-up scene and the importance of housing and climate for the city. And we get to know his successor Hinrich Holm, who was appointed as the new CEO of IBB on July 1st. Holm and Allerkamp know each other well. You have already led a financial institution through a crisis.


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