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Updated: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 10:41 [IST]

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Chennai: An auto driver who was close to his mother-in-law was hacked by his son-in-law. The incident took place in Chennai.

There are many sons-in-law who betray their daughter and go in search of another woman.

But, here comes a fake love for a mother-in-law .. It has gone to the murder .. This is how an incident happened in Chennai last month ..

மாமியாரின் கள்ளக்காதல் .. அடங்காமல் அட்டகாசம் .. மருமகனின் பகீர் காரியம் .. பாடியில் பரபரப்புமாமியாரின் கள்ளக்காதல் .. அடங்காமல் அட்டகாசம் .. மருமகனின் பகீர் காரியம் .. பாடியில் பரபரப்பு

  False relationship

False relationship

The son – in – law is upset when he finds out that his mother – in – law has a fake relationship with a 34 – year – old man. Thus, the son – in – law has given a warning to the couple.



A similar incident has taken place in Chennai where a son is carrying a scythe. In this situation, when he was driving an auto on the 13th street of KM Colony, Puliyanthoppu the day before yesterday, 2 persons misled Manivannan and cut him with a barrage of weapons in his hand … Manivannan curled up in a flood of blood ..




In it, the name of Prakash (A) Kulla from Puliyanthoppu Choolai Thattankulam area was mentioned .. He is 23 years old .. It is said that Manivannan had illicit relationship with his mother-in-law Eswari. Knowing this, Prakash has repeatedly reprimanded the couple .. but it seems that both of them did not listen ..



As Manivannan got acquainted with Prakash’s mother-in-law, it was revealed that an angry Prakash along with his friend Sarath Chandran cut Manivannan with a scythe. Following this, the police have arrested Prakash and Sarath Chandran. Sarath is only 20 years old. The police are investigating both of them.

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Mother in laws illegal love and Youth attacked brutally near Chennai

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