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“I have never been very involved in the separate collection or survival of bees.” Louis Garrel admits that he has “become bourgeois” and has lost the revolutionary momentum of the 20 years. And he recites the mea culpa in the film “La Croisade” (The Crusade) which he directed in which he films himself alongside his wife Laetitia Casta. A striking and not bad starting idea: the couple discovers that their thirteen-year-old son is secretly selling family objects within a real international network that commits kids from all over the world to raise funds for a mysterious project: world from environmental catastrophe, pumping desalinated sea water into the Sahara desert.

A utopia as crazy as it is suggestive. “It’s a funny story and fascinating but urgent on the bourgeoisization of adults – explains Garrel -, on former young people who have lost revolutionary momentum, especially in the face of the concerns of young people who want to save the planet and the future ». The Greta Generation (understood as Thunberg, the young green activist) against the Aperitif Generation (understood as indifferent parents who live languidly between comfortable homes and colorful cocktails). The film also reunites him in front of the camera with Laetitia Casta, the actress he married in 2017 and from whom Azel was born in March (the actor also has Oumy, adopted with then-partner Valeria Bruni Tedeschi; while she he is the fourth child, two of whom he had with Accorsi: a Russian novel but glamorous intrigue).

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«La Croisade» (in Italy it will be distributed by Movies Inspired) was presented in the new section dedicated to environmental issues: «The tone is light, not militant but the message is there, we adults are clearly more inert than our children for whom saving the Planet is a real urgency, a green crusade. The comparison is risky but for me it is as if the pandemic were only the dress rehearsal of what we are destined for if we continue in our blissful unconsciousness. The Earth after us will survive very well. Too bad that we will no longer be there to enjoy it ».

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