With one in four adults who smoke daily, smoking remains stable in France

With one in four adults who smoke daily, smoking remains stable in France

2023-05-31 04:14:02

In 2022, in metropolitan France, a quarter of people aged 18-75 said they smoked daily (24.5%), according to the results of a study published Wednesday, May 31 by Public Health France. This represents nearly 12 million daily smokers. Overall, almost a third of adults surveyed said they smoked (31.8%).

“The prevalence of daily smoking remains higher among men (27.4% against 21.7% among women)”, underlines the health agency. The increase seen among women between 2019 and 2021 does not appear to be continuing.

These figures seem to show that after an unprecedented drop in daily smoking between 2016 and 2019 (from 29.4% to 24% in mainland France), the prevalence has stabilized since 2019, notes the health agency which based on data from a telephone survey conducted between March and July 2022 among 3,229 adults.

According to Public Health France, the stress linked to the Covid-19 health crisis could have had an impact on the interruption of the decline in the prevalence of smoking and on the increase observed among certain populations.

A high proportion want to quit smoking

The prevalence of daily smoking remains, in fact, markedly higher when the level of diploma is lower: it varies from 30.8% among people with no diploma or a diploma below the baccalaureate to 16.8% among holders of a diploma higher than the baccalaureate.

It is highest among the third of the population with the lowest incomes (33.6%); finally, among 18-64 year olds, the prevalence of daily smoking remains significantly higher among unemployed people (42.3%), than among employed workers (26.1%) or students (19.1%) .

In 2022, 41.2% of 18-75 year olds say they have already tried electronic cigarettes. The prevalence of daily vaping is 5.5%. It does not vary significantly compared to 2021, but an upward trend has been observed since 2016: there were then 2.5% of daily vapers.

Another lesson from the survey: among daily smokers, 59.3% say they want to quit, 26.4% say they plan to quit in the next six months and 30.3% have made an attempt. stoppage of at least one week in the last twelve months.

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