With pepper spray from the mirrors and a smoke bomb: this jeep will make you feel comfortable on any road

With pepper spray from the mirrors and a smoke bomb: this jeep will make you feel comfortable on any road

Source: Rezvani Motors

We do not live in a country where an attacker might do GTA to you, open the car door while stopped in traffic, and try to kidnap you or the car – but as we have seen in recent months, Israeli roads are not always safe from violence. Just for such cases it seems that he invented the following vehicle.

Rezvani Vengeance is a vehicle that has undergone some absolutely insane upgrades to make it the safest environment for the driver and passengers. Extra tough tires? there is; Bulletproof windows? there is; Explosion-proof undercarriage? there is; Someone threatening coming toward one of the front seats? No problem, pressing a button on the dashboard will spray it with a particularly pungent pepper spray embedded in the side mirrors. If he continues to try and open the vehicle even after the pepper spray, you can always activate a smoke bomb installed on the outside of the vehicle, and if he tries to open the vehicle, you can also electrocute him through the handles. Yes, this is also a feature in this vehicle.

In addition, if you suspect that you are being followed, trying to cut you off in front and bother you? You can always turn on blinding lights mounted on the hood and rear of the vehicle or activate a special smoke mask just like tanks on the battlefield.

Oh, and it also comes with a ram on its front bumper.

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The vehicle, which looks like a tank (but don’t confuse it with another Razvani model called “Tank”), was built on top of the body of a seven-seater Cadillac Escalade, which was upgraded by the company from California that decided to refurbish it to the end – including a hardened safe. The Vengeance did go on the market last year, but until now it was possible to get an impression of it mainly in pictures. Now, a named TikTok account [email protected] Presented it on video in all its glory – and made it viral.

The “basic” vehicle will cost $285,000, and the package that will include all the upgrades mentioned above – plus a personal protection package that includes seven protective vests, seven helmets and seven gas masks for each of the car’s occupants (potentially) – will cost another $125,000 – meaning 410,000 A dollar in total. The vehicle comes with a V8 engine that can produce up to 810 horsepower. And there is room for a stroller in the trunk. This is also important.


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