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The American immunologist awarded in Florence recalls that with the Delta the effectiveness of vaccines drops on average by 10% and mentions the Long Covid which would affect 15-30% of patients

The day after the United States touched the 700,000 victims of Covid, the largest number of victims in the world, far ahead of other countries such as Brazil and India, the immunologist and science adviser of the White House Anthony Fauci makes a point on what we know today about Covid, the variants and the duration of immunity induced by vaccines. He does so on the occasion of the Florence congress of Fadoi hospital internists who awarded him the Internal Medicine Research Award 2021.

Decline in vaccine protection

«The transmissibility of the Delta variant – recalls the immunologist – is much more efficient than the other variants and the viral load in the upper airways of infected people is up to a thousand times higher than other variants. In the United States this has led to a decline in the effectiveness of vaccines against severe forms of the disease with consequent hospitalizations, which is 91 to 81% for Moderna and from85 al 75% per Pfizer“. In fact, with the Delta, the protection of vaccines from hospitalization and serious illness has seen a decline of 10%.

The effectiveness of the third dose

The good news iseffectiveness of the third dose, which the immunologist reiterates, citing data from Israel, the first country in the world to usher in the era of boosters. The immunologist speaks of an increase in the shield effect “Up to 44 times” after the recall. “15 days after the administration of the third dose of the Moderna vaccine compared to more variants, we can see an increase in protection of 23 times compared to the mutation to the original Wuhan strain, of 32 compared to the Beta variant and finally 44 times compared to the Gamma variant. . Data similar to those detected for the Pfizer booster and indiscriminately in young and old, in which there were drastic increases in antibody levels and protection in relation to severe forms of disease and infections “. It is also on the basis of these numbers that, as recalled by the immunologist himself, the American FDA recently authorized the booster dose of Pfizer vaccine for people aged 65 and over and those aged 18 and over with high risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19 infection, or for people at risk.

The Long Covid

Fauci then touched on the topic of Long Covid, the long-term consequences of the Covid disease on which there are still many uncertainties. “There are also post Covid-19 conditions that can be explained by the residual dysfunction of the organs, due to damage, such as lung damage, which leads to abnormal function. However about 15 to 30% of individuals have persistent signs and symptoms, from weeks to months, that nare not fully explainable. Some of those reported as Long Covid are extreme fatigue, come back debilitating, unexplained shortness of breath, muscle pain, dysautonomia (malfunction of the nervous system, ed) characterized by sudden changes in temperature e tachycardia unexplained, sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety, and a very curious condition called “brain fog”, which causes people to find it difficult to focus or concentrate their thoughts. “

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The rush for vaccines

The immunologist wanted to reassure those who are worried about the speed with which vaccines were created and then put on the market. “The speed and efficiency with which these vaccines were developed can save millions of lives – he explains – are in reality due to an extraordinary multidisciplinary effort, which involved basic preclinical and clinical science, carried out out of the spotlight for decades, before the Covid-19 pandemic ».

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