“Without self-sacrifice, we cannot succeed”: Romain Ntamack indulges in a novel for young people

“Without self-sacrifice, we cannot succeed”: Romain Ntamack indulges in a novel for young people

2023-06-08 07:58:13

Prowess, success, notoriety do not arise just like that at the snap of a finger. This is essentially the meaning of the “Essay! “, the first volume of which will be released this Thursday, June 8 (the 2nd in September and the 3rd in November) in the Youth Novels 8 – 12 years old category at Editions Michel Lafon, written by Romain Ntamack in collaboration with Samuel Lassouarn. At 24, the opener of the XV of France and Stade Toulouse, son of former international Emile Ntamack, has already won everything in club as with the Blues, except the World Cup which is looming in France (September 8 – October 28). But over the touching pages evoking the first steps in crampons of the little boy then the hatching of the teenager, on the grounds or with the family, we quickly understand what shaped one of the greatest players of the time: determination and the sense of effort.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​writing a book about your life?

ROMAIN NTAMACK. The publisher Michel Lafon contacted my agent to write a book about me and my story. We had the idea for this children’s novel in the form of a trilogy. This changes from a classic end-of-career biography. We wanted to get off the beaten track by addressing the youngest, but also the not so young. During several sessions with Samuel Lassouarn, I told my story, evoked my memories.

Is there a message behind the novel?

No, not particularly. It was just a question of trying to show the youngest that, without work, without self-sacrifice, without sacrifices sometimes, one cannot succeed. I am only 24 years old. I don’t have any lessons to give but I wanted to make children envious through my story.

Romain Ntamack’s youth novel

Did you stay true to reality?

Yes. Many things are real. I tried to be as real as possible. Most of the facts happened to me. I remembered what I was looking for when, as a child, I read books. When you’re little, you’re not necessarily a fan of reading. It had to be accessible, interesting, while retracing my true journey.

At 24, have you already realized your childhood dreams?

Yes. I realized most of the dreams I had when I was little. Sportingly, of course, the World Cup which is coming soon (September 8 – October 28) is still missing. I wanted to live exceptional moments. I’m proud to have known that.

Are the successes of adults comparable to the triumphs of children?

The scale is different but they are the same feelings, the same sensations. When as a kid, I won a small campaign tournament, I felt like a world champion. I remember our title of champions of France cadets when I was fifteen years old. The sensations are the same as those I experienced during the Brennus shield won with Toulouse in 2019 or 2021.

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