Woman accused of sexually assaulting Russian military

The wife of a Ukrainian soldier has been accused of being sexually assaulted by Russian soldiers at gunpoint. The victim said she did not want to live following the incident.

Russia has been waging a war on Ukraine since February 24. Millions of people have been injured in a Russian-led offensive in Ukraine. With thousands dead, more than four million people have so far sought refuge in neighboring countries.

The Russian military has been accused of human rights abuses in Ukraine. In particular, a woman has been interviewed by the media to confirm allegations that women in the country are being sexually abused by the Russian military.

The woman’s husband is from the Karson region of Ukraine and is serving in the Ukrainian army. When the war broke out, she sent her 4 children to safety and is now living alone. In this case, when the woman went to the store to buy groceries, a customer there told the Russian army that she was the wife of a Ukrainian soldier.

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In this case, the Russian soldiers, who followed the woman back home from the store, came home, took off her clothes at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her. The woman, who said they left at 4pm after being repeatedly raped, said she was going to find the woman who told Russian soldiers about herself and tell her husband about her.

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“I am confident that Ukraine will retake these territories from the Russian troops and that our troops will retaliate.”

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