A woman gives birth to a baby boy during a complex brain surgery. This extraordinary event took place in Turin, Italy. Theresa Grove gave birth to a seven-month-old baby boy. Theresa was admitted to the hospital with a headache and underwent surgery shortly after being diagnosed with a serious brain disease.

Doctors were concerned about the risk to the life of the fetus during brain surgery. Eventually, seven months into her pregnancy, she decided to have a caesarean section along with brain surgery. For this, arrangements were made in the labor room in the operating theater where neurosurgery is performed. Eight doctors turned up in two groups and performed brain surgery and caesarean section simultaneously.

The baby girl, who was delivered by caesarean section, was immediately transferred to an incubator. But all the while, Theresa was on the operating table undergoing brain surgery. The surgery took hours to complete. Theresa was transferred to the neurosurgery ward after surgery. The main concern was whether the young woman would be able to regain her speech. But as soon as she awoke, Theresa began to speak.

The baby was named Alma by Theresa and her family. Because the baby is born prematurely, the baby’s internal organs are released from the hospital when it is fully grown.


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