Woman jumps out of burning car and attributes deliverance to God

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2023-06-05 23:08:52

Candy Smith, a woman residing in the state of Georgia, United States, is thanking God for the mercy given to her life. She became a survivor after having her car completely engulfed in roadside fire.

It could have been just another ordinary day for Candy, but when she was out in her car last week, a 2004 Toyota Camry model vehicle, something strange happened suddenly, when she realized that fire flames appeared inside the car.

“I turned off the car, grabbed my bag and jumped out of the vehicle,” she said, recalling that, as everything happened so fast, in a few moments the car was already completely destroyed by fire, according to information from the Christian Post.

Candy thanked God and a driver who stopped to help her, running towards the burning vehicle with a fire extinguisher. “It could have been a lot worse. I am grateful for God’s faithfulness and timing. Thank you for Your mercy. Thank you for Your grace and for loving me,” she told broadcaster WRDW.

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This week, who also thanked God for a great deliverance was the Brazilian gospel singer Eyshila. That’s because, in June of last year, she and her husband overturned the car during a trip to Curitiba, Paraná.

The vehicle was completely destroyed, but the couple survived, according to singing, for a “purpose” of God in their lives. She recalled the accident this week, testifying to how faithful the Lord has been in their lives.

“I couldn’t fail to record my gratitude to the Lord for this new chance. If we are alive, God has a purpose. May the next miracles come! Meanwhile, the miracle is us!”, said Eyshila. watch the video of the occurrence in Georgia, below:

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