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Pretzsch – “The main thing now is that mom comes home healthy,” says Mario W. (43). His mother Carmen W. (68) was set on fire on Wednesday in the cemetery in Pretzsch (Wittenberg district) by Benni H. (31). The perpetrator is apparently mentally ill.

BILD met Mario W. when he was returning to Pretzsch from visiting his mother at the Bergmannstrost Clinic in Halle. “My mother is approachable, she told me what happened in the cemetery,” says Mario and reports.

Son Mario W. (43) spoke to BILD about the attack on his mother

Photo: Alexander Schumann

Carmen W. (68) was around 3 p.m. with Ilse W. (93) on the way to the grave of her father and husband. Benni H. approached the women from behind, brutally pushed Ilse W. to the ground and grinned at her daughter. Then he pulled out a bottle of denatured alcohol, poured it over the pensioner and lit her with a lighter.

“Fortunately, mom reacted immediately, tore off her clothes and threw herself on the floor,” said the son. Nevertheless: The pensioner suffered burn injuries on the face on the shoulder and on the right arm.

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Benni H. (31) suffers from schizophrenia. On Wednesday he went crazy in the Pretzsch cemetery, doused Carmen W. with alcohol and set her on fire

Photo: Alexander Schumann

“I know that the perpetrator is sick, but I find it difficult not to hate him!” Says Mario W. at the end and turns away.

The motive of the assassin is still unclear. There is no evidence of a relationship act, said Frank Pieper, spokesman for the Dessau public prosecutor: “There are many questions that need to be clarified.”

According to BILD information, Benni H., who was born in Brandenburg, suffers from schizophrenia and has been taking early retirement since he was 21 years old. H. has only been living in Pretzsch for a few months. Tragic: Apparently no one checked recently whether he was taking his medication.

Because of his illness, it is unclear whether Benni H. will ever be brought to justice for the fire act.

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Benni H. (31) suffers from schizophrenia

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