Women – How to care for elderly people with osteoarthritis from specialists Thammasat University Hospital

Thursday 8 December 2022, 12.12 p.m.

How to take care of elderly people with osteoarthritis from specialists in Thammasat University Hospital

Nowadays, the number of patients with osteoarthritis has increased due to the population structure, with the number of elderly people increasing. Degenerative skin caused by long-term use If not treated or treated improperly, the condition may worsen and be unable to function normally.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nattaphon Thammachot Assistant Director of Physical Development and medical professor specializing in artificial knee and hip joint replacement surgery Thammasat University Hospital Give advice on how to act for patients with osteoarthritis that “Osteoarthritis of the knee is divided into 3 stages as follows: 1. First phase The patient will feel a slight pain in the knee joint. feeling tight when walking a lot There is a sound of knees while moving. You should start seeing your doctor to prevent the disease from getting worse. 2.Medium term grow larger bones There was a sound in the knee. Will begin to experience pain while walking. can’t work hard 3. Severe phaseThere will be a deformed bent leg, may feel the bone sprout on the side of the joint. The pain is more intense, radiating to the shin or thigh when walking or putting weight on the knee joint. sometimes pain at night Weak muscles around the knee inability to fully straighten or bend the knee joint Elderly people with severe osteoarthritis are less likely to move around in order to avoid pain.

Advice for elderly patients with osteoarthritis

  1. Adjusting the lifestyle to suit, including adjusting posture to prevent further deterioration of the joints and prolonging the use of the joints For example, refrain from activities that cause friction, bumps, or overload, such as running, squatting, or cross-legged on the floor. Control your body weight appropriately, because being overweight increases pressure or bumps on your joints every time you move. and exercise and muscle management In particular, the thigh muscles will help reduce the pressure and impact on the knee joint by recommending the elderly to exercise in the pool. to help support the knees to bear less weight
  2. Use of medications to alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis To reduce pain and inflammation within the joints, such as painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, but this type of drug should not be used continuously for more than two weeks. Including using drugs to help support to reduce deterioration. Or injections, whether it is an anti-inflammatory drug or an artificial joint fluid, which the doctor will consider according to the symptoms
  3. Treated by artificial knee replacement surgery in patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee. It is a way to help treat osteoarthritis, causing pain and all suffering to be cured. The patient was able to regain good knee mobility, able to walk further and have a better quality of life.

Although the number of elderly people with severe osteoarthritis is large. But the rate of surgery is still low because patients lack confidence. Fear of pain from surgery long rehabilitation or unable to walk back Including the fear of the dangers of surgery due to the old age

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nattapon said, “Thammasat University Hospital has expertise and has been trusted by osteoarthritis patients for a long time. Currently, there are more than 1,000 patients undergoing arthroplasty per year, and the surgical procedure has been developed to ensure safety and high success. heart With Dobutamine MRI Stress Test technology to assess the potential of the heart before surgery. making it very safe and the use of innovative pain relief before, during and after surgery That has been researched and developed by a group of medical professors until it was published in international medical journals. Patients can recover quickly and return home within 2-3 days, reducing patients’ concerns about pain in all areas. In addition, the hospital has brought robotic arm technology to help with artificial joint replacement surgery. Let’s help the surgeon to be more accurate. Computed tomography and robotic imaging will give doctors a clearer, three-dimensional view of the knee joint. Helps to position the joints properly and reduce the pain from surgery. Joint surgery for each patient is unique. The technology can help doctors plan surgery. Select joint size and tissue balance. to suit each patient For better surgical results, have straight legs, bent knees, recover faster. and reduce the time spent in hospital.

with such readiness recently Thammasat University Hospital has openedThammasat Joint Replacement Surgery Center A comprehensive service that combines 3 strengths, namely (1) modern medical technology (2) care from a team of interdisciplinary medical professors and personnel with specific expertise (3) providing a one-stop service from before surgery during surgery and after surgery at reasonable service rates

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nattapon added that “Elderly patients Severe osteoarthritis of the knee with great suffering. Unable to help themselves, allowing the elderly to be bedridden because of the fear of surgery will make the overall physical and mental health of the patient worse. The oldest patient who has undergone arthroplasty with us is 94 years old. 98 years ago, but this patient still lives happily. Therefore, I would like to recommend that patients and relatives who are aware of the negative effects of osteoarthritis should consult a doctor in order to find the best treatment for the patient. for a good quality of life in all ages

“Thammasat Joint Replacement Surgery Center” located on the 2nd floor of Dulasophak Building Thammasat University Hospital Open for service Monday – Friday. For more information, call 02926 9260 and 02926 9360 (office hours) or add friends in LINE Official Account: @tuh_tjrcThere will be a team to take care of and answer every customer’s questions.


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