Women to ride high-speed trains in Saudi | Women to drive high-speed trains in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah: Women will now drive high-speed trains in Saudi Arabia. 31 Swadeshi women have completed the first phase of loco pilot training. The training started last January. Now he has entered the second phase of training which lasts for five months. It is expected that they will start running trains between Saudi cities once all the tests and training are completed in December.

Women have successfully completed training in various subjects including traffic regulation, safety, work accidents, fire, technical aspects related to train and infrastructure.

A training program to enable women to drive trains was started while the steps to expand railway transport in Saudi Arabia were in progress. The aim of the training is to create more employment opportunities for indigenous women, especially in the railway sector. As the training continues, the number of female train drivers will increase further in the coming years. It is expected that the number of train passengers in the country in general and especially during the Hajj and Umrah seasons will increase significantly in the coming years.


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