Wonder Woman in MMD: Gal Gadot and the children are hiding from the missiles in Tel Aviv

The journalist of “Israel Hayom”, Eran Suisa, uploaded today (Sunday) photos of Gadot with her small children during alarms, when she was caught during a shooting that was carried out in the direction of Tel Aviv and had to enter the Rothschild Medical Center, together with her two daughters, the closest place to home She lives in Neve Tzedek.

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As I recall, today Gadot received criticism from the Shadow, when he wrote against her on his Instagram account: “Shefath Hadid went on a false propaganda war for Gaza and spread fake news to tens of millions of followers and the world famous Israeli is completely silent (as usual) because of this behavior we are losing and we have become the bad guys in the story… Be Gal Gadot.”

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