Wondering what the purpose is- CIA Wants To Bring Back Woolly Mammoth From Extinction: Report

Reports suggest that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US intelligence agency, is supporting a strange research. The CIA is supporting research to bring extinct mammoths back to Earth.

The information that is coming out now is that the CIA has granted funding to Colossal Biosciences, which is conducting this research. Although the CIA has a history of funding and leading many strange experiments, why it is funding such experiments remains unknown. Notables like Peter Thiel, Tony Robbins and Paris Hilton are also involved in this research.

Mammoths are huge creatures that disappeared in prehistoric times. Standing up to 13 feet tall and weighing up to 8000 kg, they belong to the elephant family with large tusks and trunks. They were dominant in the Pleistocene period, which began twenty-five years ago and ended 11,000 years ago, on every continent except Australia and South America. But the most famous of these giants are the woolly mammoths found in Siberia and other arctic regions. Mammoths have become characters in many novels and films including the Ice Age series.

Mammoths later became extinct and were wiped off the face of the earth. There are many reasons for their extinction, such as lack of food, climate change, and excessive hunting by humans. The world’s last mammoths lived on Wrangel Island, which shares the coast with the Arctic Ocean in Russia. 4,000 years ago, the mammoth era came to an end when they died out.

Colossal’s research has spent one and a half million US dollars. Their attempt is not to bring back the woolly mammoths of yesteryear. Rather, the goal is to recreate hybrids with woolly mammoths and Asian elephants on Earth. Asian elephants and mammoths shared a common ancestor. African elephants do not. Recently, the intact carcass of a mammoth was found in the frozen ice of Siberia and its genome was extracted. The goal of the scientists is to complete the research by making changes in this genetic structure through CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. Colossal is trying to bring their research to fruition in two to three years.

Scientists argue that if the mammoth elephants created in this way are left in the Arctic region, they will help fight climate change and preserve the ecological balance. At one time, grasslands were abundant in the Arctic region. These snow-covered grasslands were the main source of food for the mammoths. These protect the permafrost and store atmospheric carbon to reduce emissions. But with the disappearance of the mammoths, grasslands were destroyed and mosses and other things grew in their place. With the arrival of new mammoth elephants, grasslands are said to return. This is the process of rewilding in eco-engineering. A lot of criticism has been raised against this research. The CIA has experimented with living things before.

Project MK Ultra was an infamous CIA research project. As part of this, the dogs’ skulls were drilled and electrodes were placed inside them.

English Summary: CIA Wants To Bring Back Woolly Mammoth From Extinction: Report


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