“Words that went down from infinity to me” | The personal journey of Aviv Alush

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The process of strengthening the actor and musician Aviv Alush, his followers on the networks are closely monitored. With Dvar Torah for this week’s Torah portion every Shabbat, conveying the important message of ‘And love your neighbor as yourself’ at every opportunity, and special songs like ‘One people’ and ‘A place in front of you’ – he continues to create and keep his way.

Today (Sunday), after ten months of work, he released the new single ‘Yesh Yamim’ – which he wrote, among other things, about his approach to the Creator of the world and explained what is behind it: “
And improve the ‘I’. This is a song that speaks and tells a bit about my personal journey and in general the journey we all go through, and the complexities we all have along the way, there are days and there are days. And it’s not always easy either, but as long as we stay true to ourselves and the way and do not break the tools, Then these days of complexity and descent will become the steps that lead and take us to the next level. “


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