Work to rebuild Mantriman will begin in two weeks

Work to rebuild Mantriman will begin in two weeks

The chain link gate works will be completed within two weeks. After that we are going to start the activities to rebuild Mantri Man. Senior Professor of Archeology Department Paramu Pushparatnam has said that we are requesting financial support from the people.

He said this in order to explain the confusion among the people in connection with the prohibition of entry into the Mantri Manai complex near the Chattanathar Temple on Barutthura Road, Jaffna.

In addition,

In 2010, a Regional Archeology Department was created. I am working as a consultant of the said department, so I think I can make some comments on the matter.

86 places in Jaffna have been declared heritage places. First of all, Mantrimanai, Sangiyan Thorana Vasal, Jamuna Lake and Sangiyan Palace have been declared and their nameplates have been displayed there.

They are also published in trade journals. If the Department of Archeology marks it as a heritage site and publishes it in the Trade Register, the land owner cannot construct anything new there.

At the same time, the Department of Archeology will not take any action without the permission of the land owner. This is the reason why the ministry is not maintained on time.

At the same time, the Department of Archeology is very concerned about the minister’s land and negotiates with the land owner to acquire the land and repair it.

That is why we have created a heritage center in Jaffna and its first task is to rebuild the Sanchiyan Thorana gate and it is nearing completion. It will be completed in two weeks and our medical professor Dr

Raviraj accepted Rs 2.2 million ie the entire cost. When Mantri Manai was trying to be redeveloped, its owner contacted us and imposed certain conditions.

He said that his lands have been confiscated and some buildings have been built by private individuals, and he requested that they be helped to get them to the Chattanath temple.

We also tried it and it was not completely successful. Then we tried to buy the land at a price. He agreed to pay it in installments and after several months of talks, he has now given us the approval.

We have now given him the money to go ahead with the reconstruction and some initial work has already been done. While doing so, the landlord asked him not to do anything until the contract was completed.

This is why the Department of Archeology alone cannot reconstruct the site. At the same time, the land owner cannot make any change as he likes to the heritage symbol published in the trade register.

Now the land owner has given full consent to give us the land. We have given all the reconstruction plans with permission from the Department of Archeology and they have also been approved by the Department of Archaeology. Therefore, after the completion of the gate of the chain gate, the work of the Mantri Manai will be started.

To carry it out, those who are in a position of dissatisfaction among the people today must also make a big contribution. It cannot be done as soon as five people think. We need many millions of money to rebuild them.

As we begin that work, we will appeal through the media and disaffected people for financial assistance in rebuilding them. By doing so, it is possible to fulfill their expectations. said.


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