World auto concerns will not be able to collect up to 9 million new cars in 2021

BCG analysts have estimated what impact the global semiconductor shortage has on the global auto production volume: automakers will not be able to produce 7 million to 9 million passenger cars this year (Vedomosti has a study). In the first quarter of 2021, losses in the global car market amounted to approximately 1.4 million new cars, in the second quarter – 2.6 million units. In the second half of the year, according to BCG forecasts, there will be no more 3-5 million vehicles assembled. According to the Statista service, about 77 million passenger cars were produced in the world in 2020.

Problems with the supply of microelectronics for the automotive industry arose earlier than 2020, the authors of the study note. But last year, during the coronavirus pandemic, they worsened amid growing demand from manufacturers of other goods, especially consumer electronics. In 2021, disruptions to the supply of auto parts were also influenced by weather disasters and man-made disasters that disrupted supply chains – analysts at BCG recall, for example, the ice storm in Texas (February) and the fire at the Renesas Electronics microchip factory in Japan (March).



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