World Bank examines regional cooperation between Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates

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The Minister of Agriculture visited the World Bank headquarters in Washington yesterday (Tuesday) and met with the Vice President of the Bank and the professional bodies in the field of agriculture to promote international cooperation between Israel and the World Bank and the countries of the region.

The World Bank will examine the possibility of Israel becoming a regional innovation center for desert and aquaculture, in which the countries of the region, including Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and the Emirates, will take part.

As part of talks between Agriculture Minister Oded Forer and Vice President of the World Bank for Development Mr. Jürgen Vogel at the Bank’s headquarters in Washington, it was agreed to promote the establishment of an international center for the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of desert agriculture.

The center will be established in the Negev by the Ministry of Agriculture and will be promoted in cooperation with the World Bank and other international countries and bodies.

The issue will be discussed by the management team at the World Bank and professional teams from the Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture will prepare a practical plan to advance the vision.

The Vice President of the World Bank praised Israel’s activity in the field of agricultural R & D and noted Israel’s leadership in world-class agricultural innovation.

The Bank’s staff was invited to visit Israel, which will also include a visit to the countries mentioned in the cooperation and will be held under conditions that will be possible in the Corona era.

Minister Oded Forer said: “The State of Israel must lead global research in desert and aquaculture. Cooperation with international bodies is strategic and open to the State of Israel and those involved in the fields of innovation in agriculture, unlimited opportunities.”

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