World bequest day: what it is and how to donate

Bequest: here’s how to donate your assets or part of them to whoever you want and how to correctly draft your will

Today 13 September is the World Day of the testamentary bequest, or the act through which one gives one’s possessions or part of them to whoever is desired at the moment of death. In the absence of a will or heirs (sixth degree relatives), the assets are in fact automatically transferred to the State. It is possible to donate to tax persons, entities, associations and non-profit organizations. It is a gesture of great generosity that requires a very simple and in some cases even free practice.

Bequest, how it works

The bequest can be performed by making a holographic or public will. The first does not require the support of a notary and requires that the document on one’s will be made completely by hand with signature and date. It is then possible to choose to keep it yourself or entrust it to a notary. The public will, on the other hand, requires that it be drawn up by the notary in the presence of two witnesses who will then take care of keeping it and opening it only on the death of the testator. The holographic will is free while the public will has an operating cost.

The testamentary bequest does not affect the “legitimate share”, which is guaranteed and reserved to legitimate heirs, or to the spouse, direct descendants (children, grandchildren) or ascendants (parents, grandparents) in the absence of descendants. Furthermore, there are no taxes of any kind. It is possible to change your mind at any time by revoking the current will and making another one.


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