World cancer day, tumors and cancer: the ten most common “myths”

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Tumors were already described hundreds of years ago by doctors of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, as documented by texts and finds from that era. Additionally, archaeologists have found signs of a form of tumor in a 3,000-year-old human skeleton. Therefore it is not true that tumors originated only with modern Western civilization. “There is no doubt that there has been a surge in cancer cases in modern times – explains Carmine Pinto, director of the Medical Oncology AUSL-IRCCS in Reggio Emilia -, for a series of reasons that are easy to understand. First, the main risk factor is age. Second, we are now able to diagnose cancers more accurately. Third, cancer cases have increased due to the spread, especially in modern Western civilization, of wrong lifestyles: smoking and excess pounds along with a sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and pollution ».


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