World Cup 2022: Cameroon brings down Brazil … for nothing

At the end of the boredom, an electric shock. Cameroon scored in added time with a header from Aboubakar and gave themselves the right to dream of an improbable miracle for a few minutes. He hopes on the side of the stadium 974, but which will not take place. Switzerland won against Serbia (3-2) and it is she who will face Portugal on Tuesday in the round of 16. Cameroon wins for nothing (1-0) and Aboubakar, drunk with joy after his goal, will even be expelled for having removed his jersey.

There is just time for eternal regrets for the men of Rigobert Song who failed to understand early enough that Brazil B was catchable. In football, it’s not the hairdressers who promise to come back with a nice haircut. But at least the Brazilian substitutes showed that we could not start, wear a blue jersey and not do anything in a third game counting for butter.

Brazil-Cameroon was one of the most enticing encounters of the first round and the organizers had also placed it at Lusail Stadium, the 88,000-seat venue which will host the final. But emptied of immense sporting interest, it looked more like one of those fake products sold in the shops of the nearby Souq Wakif to yet sober supporters. A beautiful poster attached to the wall with two thumbtacks.

Brazil on Monday against South Korea… with Neymar?

Under the eyes of Neymar who, this time, had not stayed at the hotel, the rhythm of the match refused to pass the second. And the Parisian had to tell himself that in the end, even with only one ankle in good condition, he would not have been out of place on the lawn. Even if he didn’t run too much on the field, he would at least have pleased the public who had to think about the price of the ticket… Even if all of Brazil fears that he is in no condition to play in the round of 16 against South Korea Monday.

In the official forum, Gianni Infantino, the president of Fifa was bored. The man who feels “Qatari, migrant, gay, African, Arab and handicapped” was not likely to feel passionate spectator in front of the weakness of the spread level. Brazil managed quietly and Cameroon, yet forced to win, stalled. To say that before the start of the World Cup, its president, the former glory Samuel Eto’o had seen fit to set the final as a goal for the Indomitable Lions. Like what Eto’o already equals certain federal leaders who sometimes think only after speaking.

On the lawn, actions are rare. Martinelli is trying to play Epassy, ​​Onana’s replacement who left Qatar three days ago due to a falling out with his coach. But the Cameroonian easily pushes back the header (14th) then the shot (45th) from Richarlison’s lining. Cameroon, in added time in the first half, forced Ederson into a nice save on a header from Mbeumo (45th + 2). The first chance conceded by Brazil since the start of the tournament. Even if, in view of the match sheet, we understood that there were no great conclusions to be drawn from it. The second period is of the same ilk: a few strikes, a soft possession from Brazil and waste from everyone. This Brazil did not deserve to be the only team to win its three matches in the first round.


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