World Cup 2022: Samuel Eto’o hits a Youtuber after Brazil-South Korea

The photo shoot got out of hand. As he chained selfies with Brazilian supporters after the round of 16 between Seleçao and South Korea (4-1), Samuel Eto’o suddenly saw red. Visibly in a hurry, the president of the Cameroonian football federation first tried to extricate himself from this troop of fans before retracing his steps, annoyed by a videographer, Mamouni Said, who was filming him a little too closely.

The pair exchanged sweet nothings before the former Indomitable Lions star chased the supporter on camera. People present tried to hold back the ex-attacker and a man, potentially close to Eto’o, deprived the cameraman of his tool. Before the Fifa ambassador definitely freaks out and puts his opponent down with a violent kick in the chest.

According to the video, posted by the site of Los Angeles Opinion, the attacked person was able to get up without too much damage. In a video posted on his Youtube channel, Sadouni reveals all the same that his camera was broken in the fight and that he scratched his elbow. He went to a police station to find out about his rights in this case. “I did all that for Algeria,” he explained. “I am at the police station for the investigation. You have to share this video, as Eto’o is a personality I’m afraid they’ll cover up the file, but I trust the Qatari police, ”continued the youtubeur in this video.

After the clash, Eto’o was pushed away by those around him. Asked about the reasons for his anger, he did not answer. “I didn’t understand what they were saying,” testified Ricardo López Juárez, journalist for Day Opinionat The spar. I heard Eto’o exchanging words with the fan in an angry tone. He started chasing him uncontrollably. The fan took the camera and that’s where Eto’o makes the mistake. Instead of leaving, he kicks. »

Despite a victory against Brazil, Cameroon was eliminated in the group stage of the World Cup. Eto’o therefore risks not keeping excellent memories of this Qatari tournament.


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