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New Delhi: The Supreme Court has said that the Center should take immediate action to lift the ban on Indian football and host the World Cup.

Prabul Patel was the president of the Indian Football Federation (AIF), 65. Prabul Patel was removed by the Supreme Court as per the rules of the International Football Federation (‘FIFA’). Until fresh elections are held, the AIF appointed a three-member Committee (COA) headed by former Justice Dev. New rules were made for A.I.F.F.

The number of selection committee members has been increased from 36 to 72. State unions, ‘BIPA’ protested the COA decision. The COA who did not see this, with the permission of the court. It decided to hold elections on 28 ‘BIBA’ immediately swung into action, banning Indian football from the federation due to ‘undue interference by third parties’. Coming Oct. It also canceled the license for the Women’s World Cup (17 years) scheduled to be held in India on 11-30.

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Continued Negotiation:

Meanwhile, the case related to the election came up for hearing in the Supreme Court yesterday, before a ‘bench’ consisting of Justices Chandrachud, Bopanna and Paridwala. At that time, the Central Government’s Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said, “The Central Government, COA, team together with the ‘BIPA’ will conduct two phases. Negotiated. Some attempts are being made to host the Women’s World Cup (U17) in India. Aug. The case should be adjourned till 22,” he said.

Court Order:

The back bench said: It is a great event to have an international women’s football series under 17 in India. The ‘Bench’ focuses on conducting this. Any intervention from outside to prevent this will not be tolerated. The central government should take necessary steps to hold the World Cup in India and lift the ban on AIFF. The case is adjourned to August 22. It says so.

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