World Cup: “If he celebrates by making the gesture of the pacifier…”, Enrique’s warning to Torres, his daughter’s boyfriend

Decidedly, Luis Enrique does not evade any subject during his video sessions on the Twitch platform. After revealing that he does not prohibit his players from having sex the day before matches, the La Roja coach spoke on a subject concerning his own family. And obviously, the former Barça coach has no desire for it to grow.

Because it turns out that Ferran Torres, author of a double during the big Spanish victory against Costa Rica (7-0), is the companion of his daughter. “If he celebrates with the pacifier gesture?” I send him to the stands and he never plays again,” joked Enrique during a stream following a question from one of his followers.

See you in nine months?

When the coach announced that he would testify to the daily life and behind the scenes of La Roja in Qatar via the Twitch platform, Spanish fans were quick to joke thinking of the day when the 52-year-old coach would be asked about it. Finally, Enrique took the remark well. See you in nine months, just to see if Ferran Torres and his girlfriend have decided to listen to Enrique. And if the Barcelonan still has a future in the Iberian selection.

In view of the Spanish demonstration against Costa Rica on Wednesday, the Seleccion seems to be living well with the technological impulses of its technician. Spain have a decisive meeting on Sunday against Germany.


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